About counselling and psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are types of ‘talking therapy’ which help people from all walks of life feel less alone with their difficulties.

It’s a great relief to be heard and accepted by someone who isn’t personally involved in your situation, doesn’t have an agenda for how you should behave, and doesn’t need protecting from your true feelings.

Counselling and psychotherapy help you find clarity and develop new ways of coping with life’s challenges. You can move forward with a renewed sense of hope and confidence. 

You might simply feel the need for some emotional support while you find your way through a difficult time.

Or you might be looking for help with:

…feelings of worthlessness, depression, anxiety or panic

…difficult experiences in childhood such as abuse or neglect

…feelings of self-judgement and self-criticism, never feeling good enough

…relationship problems with a partner, family or friends, or unfinished business from a past relationship

…a difficult decision, life choice or change

…loss of direction, motivation or hopelessness

…health problems or coming to terms with physical changes

…self-defeating behaviours you don’t understand

…loss or bereavement

…workplace issues such as stress, bullying, low confidence or redundancy